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  Quality Policy
Our focus is premium quality products and services. Consistency in quality and delivery is given the highest importance at Lucid. The Hallmark of our capabilities is our ability to offer "tailor-made" products, solutions and services. Serving customers with the best quality of products and services, being innovative and proactive, maintaining a leadership position and committing the necessary resources to Research & Development are values that are enshrined in Lucid's Mission Statement and Quality Policy and Objectives.
   Quality Control
With a motive to supply quality products to our valued customers, an utmost care is taken from the very first step of quality control i.e. from procurement of raw material till the final step of finished product. The supervision of material is done by qualified technical staff and personnel's.
We are carried out in our In-house laboratory, which is equipped with latest testing & measuring equipments.
We manufacture Guar Gum Powder as per the International Standards of FAO / WHO, Codex Alimentary, European Economic Community E412, Food Chemical Codex etc., to satisfy the needs of our International Customers.

To conclude, quality control is done by taking following points in view :-

  • Supervision by qualified staff & drawing samples of powder after every 2 hours.
  • Strict screening & analysis report.
  • Re check of lots before & after processing.
  • Batch wise packing & numbering.
  • Quick Traceability.
  • 100 % quality assurance by testing of Guar Gum Powder & raw material i. e. split.
  • Automation of entire production process.
  • Optimum close production
   Quality Objectives
By implementing our Quality Policy, we well endeavor to:
  • Uphold our position as market leaders in our Industry, by continually adding value to our products and services and improving our Quality Management Systems.
  • Build long term and mutually beneficial alliances with our customers.
  • Make profits, so that we may pay fair wages and salaries to our employees, invest in Research, Development, Expansion and Modernization, and reward our shareholders with an equitable return on their investment.
   Client Satisfaction
Our major clients in all over the world testify to our Quality and a Customer - Service Oriented approach which are helping us to attain Global Leadership Through Quality.
The company has been certified by an accredited third party certification and training body for its established and maintained Quality Management Systems confirming to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. Regular Management Review Meetings and Internal Audits are performed within 6 months to maintain the consistency in the Quality Management System of the organization and improvements in the Quality of the product and services of the company.
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