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  About Guar

In India, guar is grown in the arid and semi-arid regions, particularly in north-western states of India: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh. Rajasthan has maximum area (1682 th ha) under the crop with highest production (395 th tonnes).

The plant is hardy, drought-tolerant, with 3 to 6 ft high vertical stalk. Wide range of soils from deep sandy to clay very well support its growth. The rainfall is a major factor responsible for unstable production particularly in western districts where it is not only erratic but also uneven. From the very ancient times guar is grown in India for seed, vegetable, fodder and green manuring purposes. Seeds of guar contain 28 to 33 percent gum. Guar gum has found its use in almost all types of industries viz. textile, paper, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, mining, explosives, oil drilling etc. About three fourth of the global guar cultivation is carried out in India.

Galactomannan (guar gum) a high molecular weight carbohydrate polymer made up of a large number of mannose and galactose units linked together. It is a straight chain of mannose branched at regular intervals with single membered galactose units on alternate mannose units. The mannose units are joined to each other by means of beta (1-4) glucosidic linkages, galactose branching is through an alpha (1-6) linkage. The long straight chain nature of the molecule, combined with its regular side branching distinguishes it from other natural polymers and makes it a unique versatile natural colloids, as well as base polymer, from which many derivatives are produced.

The most important property of guar gum is, its ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water to attain a very high viscosity. There are many properties of guar gum such as non ionic, neutral polysaccharide and viscosity builder for water system. Due to these properties guar gum has diversified uses in various industries.

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